GoodRx Offers Discounts of Up to 43% On Fertility Treatments

In 2023, Americans saved over $6 million on fertility medications using GoodRx

SANTA MONICA, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--May 22, 2024-- GoodRx, the leading destination for prescription savings in the U.S., today announced it is offering discounts of up to 43% on fertility treatments based on the best available GoodRx price,1 including savings on generic and brand-name medications used during every phase of the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. These discounts can help manage the high costs that families and individuals face when trying to expand their families.

Cost is one of the major challenges patients face during their fertility treatment. A single cycle of IVF can range from $15,000 to $30,000 or more on average. Much of this cost is driven by the multiple medications needed during an entire IVF cycle, some of which are only available to purchase as individual doses. Plus, many patients will need to go through more than one IVF cycle, multiplying their treatment expenses. While employers are increasingly adding fertility and family forming benefits, for many, insurance rarely covers the full cost of treatment, leaving patients to either shoulder a large financial burden or forgo treatment altogether.

“Hundreds of thousands of people every year are faced with an incredibly challenging decision: do I reevaluate my plans to expand my family, or pay thousands of dollars to pursue fertility treatments? GoodRx is here to relieve some of that financial burden and take some of the stress out of the reproductive journey,” said Dorothy Gemmell, Chief Commercial Officer, GoodRx. “Through savings on both generic and brand-name medications, GoodRx helps users afford their fertility treatments so fewer people have to choose between their future and their finances.”

Below is a sampling of the medication discounts available for each phase of IVF: Suppression, Stimulation, Triggering, and Implantation

Drug Name

Out of Pocket
Package Price*

GoodRx Price**

Avg % Savings
with GoodRx


















































$50 - $90

$13 - $23

55% - 82%

*Price is based on the smallest unit of the medication that a patient can purchase; prices will vary based on how many units are required for the number of doses needed. **GoodRx prices are based on the lowest available price as of April 2024.

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Based on the best available GoodRx price available at participating pharmacies as of April 2024.

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